Legacy Systems Modernization

Legacy Systems Modernization
Helping IT enterprises stay responsive to today’s market and mission demands

RG helps government and industry clients modernize their legacy systems with tailored strategies. We provide unbiased, data-driven guidance – helping each client choose the best path to modernization for their users, enterprise, and mission.

Our solutions apply a user-centric focus at every stage of the Legacy Systems Modernization (LSM) lifecycle. We plan each initiative with purpose from the start, so it’s naturally on track to implement within budget, on schedule, at optimal performance.

First, we help the client define goals and requirements. We assess the "as-is" architecture and systems, and identify their critical functionality and unique shortfalls. Based on those findings, we identify technologies that will fit the client’s needs. From there, we create a "to-be" architecture that aligns with the client’s budget, satisfies stakeholder requirements, and supports performance goals.

Throughout the process, we provide strategic coaching in agile development, requirements management, user experience and interface design, change and communication management, and human capital development – empowering clients to build, launch and maintain their optimal modernized environment.



Lindsay Phillips