Download the Agile Practitioner's Guide

Agile development has the potential to deliver higher quality software more quickly. To assist the Department of Defense in successfully applying Agile for enterprise business systems, Program Managers need to understand why and how to apply the agile methodology in the definition and delivery of software projects.

This comprehensive whitepaper covers everything you need to know about implementing agile development processes. In 19 pages we cover:

  • The Challenges in Agile Adoption in the Department of Defense
  • How to Identify where and how Agile will and will not be applied
  • How to Establish Agile support at all levels within the Defense organization
  • The importance of Defining the Agile partnership between Government and Contractor for Agile deliverables 
  • How to Move from Implementation + Sustainment to Continuous Development
  • and more

To get a comprehensive understanding on how to implement agile development practices and work with an agile contractor, fill out the form to the right to download a copy. 







Download the Agile Practitioner's Guide

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