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Public-Private Partnership

Common Misconceptions of Public-Private Partnerships

Collaboration between the private and public sector promotes best industry practices and relevant expertise. However,...


What is Agile Development?

This blog post outlines the five steps of the Agile Development Process.


4 Myths About Systems Modernization

Change can be scary, but not changing can be disastrous.

Data Privacy

The Uncertainty of Requirements from New Privacy Regulations

Incorporating external privacy regulations like CCPA requirements into an existing organizational structure is...

Data Privacy

Data Privacy or Data Protection?

Many consider data privacy and data protection synonymous, but it’s important for organizations and individuals to...


How Talent Reviews Strengthen Your Organization

Talent reviews are a tool that organizations can use to understand their workforce beyond standard performance review...

Data Privacy

3 Records Management Tips to Increase Your Data Privacy

Data privacy regulations like GDPR are designed to protect personally identifiable information, but unless you know...

Data Privacy

Complying with GDPR is Not Just a Project...

GDPR compliance is an opportunity to approach data privacy in a new way, especially as ongoing compliance will require...


How Innovation Can Aid in Developing and Retaining Talent

Innovation programs can help a company identify, develop, and retain talent. By providing a structure outside of the...


The Strategic Value of a Culture of Innovation

Establishing innovation as part of the culture is essential for sustaining value for the organization and needs to be...