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Acorn Growth Companies Acquires Robbins-Gioia

Acorn Growth Companies, a private equity firm investing exclusively in aerospace, defense and intelligence, announced...


There's a Place for the Cloud in the Insurance Industry

In a highly regulated and competitive environment, insurance companies are increasingly trusting the cloud more as it...

Public-Private Partnership

What Makes a Successful Public-Private Partnership

The most successful public-private partnerships have incorporated essential strategies and tools to ensure a strong...


Strategies for Applying Agile for Enterprise Systems Modernization

Many know what Agile is, but few are familiar with applying Agile for Enterprise Systems Modernization -- including in...


Systems Modernization in the Insurance Industry

Just as technology is changing the social landscape, it is also changing the makeup of the insurance and financial...


6 Signs Your Contractor Doesn’t Actually Know Agile

When choosing a contractors, watch out for these 6 signs to make sure that they know Agile as well as they claim.

Public-Private Partnership

The Road to Success: Case Studies of PPPs Abroad

Both PPPs abroad and within the United States have proven to be successful when the public and private sectors come to...


5 Metrics for Measuring Success of Systems Modernization

As businesses modernize, new metrics and standards are required to replace traditional measurements and expectations....


When You Should – and Shouldn’t – Use Agile

A brief list of project characteristics that may help you decide when and when not to use Agile

Enterprise Delivery

The History of the DoD as a Business Enterprise

The Department of Defense is more than a government entity. Many people view it as a business enterprise, but is that...

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