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Make Your Agile Practice More Effective

Make your agile practice more effective by establishing deliverables and maintaining constant end user engagement....


Epics, User Stories, Use Cases… Oh My!

Agile methodologies can help organizations meet their strategic goals. Having a complete understanding of Agile...


Utilizing Talent Pool Identification in Developing Your Organization

Talent pool identification is an essential tool that allows managers to maximize team performance, executive leaders to...


Partnering for Success: Three Criteria for Creating a Successful Team

Many of the challenges facing the federal government and private industry require comprehensive, wide-ranging...


Managing Information During Challenging Times

Distance and communication challenges can also create opportunities to adjust or create business processes that are...


The Importance of Communication with Stakeholders in the Agile Project Lifecycle

Contractors need to be communicating with stakeholders from project kickoff past solution delivery to avoid unnecessary...


Communication Within the Agile Team

The importance of communication in an agile project seems obvious, but it can often be overlooked or taken for granted....


Dos and Don'ts for Supporting Your Agile Enterprise Teams from Afar During COVID-19

Most of us who have successfully implemented Agile processes in our development teams and beyond understand that while...

RG's Coronavirus COVID-19 Talking Points

As you’re no doubt aware, the coronavirus and its associated disease, COVID-19, is a dangerous and rapidly spreading...


How to Best Manage the Scope of Agile Projects

Keeping in mind the four guardrails of initial project scoping, DoD, MVP, and defining the level of detail of each...

Team RG

Barett Byrd Joins Robbins-Gioia as New Director of Defense

Barett Byrd has joined RG as the new Director of Defense. Byrd brings over 40 years of management experience, including...


LINKProcess™: A Case Study of Systems Modernization

RG's experience in successfully utilizing LINKProcess can be better understood by a case study of their work with a...


RG's History with LINKProcess™

RG has transformed the LINKProcess™ business analysis methodology acquired from another consulting firm to be...


The 5 Activities Involved in LINKProcess™

Although RG's LINKProcess™ may initially sound intimidating, the methodology is quite simply explained when broken down...


Don't Try to Run an Agile Project with Only Novices

When forming an Agile team, it is vital to select individuals who display certain attributes and competencies that...


How to Define when an Agile Sprint is Done

Although defining requirements before the project is started requires more work up front, having a definition of done...


Agile Terms Defined

If you've ever heard of Agile then you've also most likely heard of a bit of Agile's complex terminology. This post...


The DoD is looking at creating an investor marketplace... Is that a good idea?

The formation of a trusted capital marketplace for investing in small-to-medium defense firms is an intriguing concept,...

Department of Defense

Agile Software Factories Can Produce Software

For software factories to produce quality products which both meet the needs of the user communities and continue to...


How to Effectively Track Progress on Agile Projects

Waterfall-based project management measures of cost assigned to arbitrarily defined milestones will not provide any...


The Agile Process Can Produce Awful Software  - but Doesn't Have To

Done well, Agile is a proven approach to delivering quality software. However, badly run Agile projects can easily...


Risk Factors Facing the Management Structure in the DoD

The DoD’s strict, hierarchical management structure seems effective, well-organized, and acceptable for bearing its...

Team RG

Acorn Growth Companies Acquires Robbins-Gioia

Acorn Growth Companies, a private equity firm investing exclusively in aerospace, defense and intelligence, announced...


There's a Place for the Cloud in the Insurance Industry

In a highly regulated and competitive environment, insurance companies are increasingly trusting the cloud more as it...

Public-Private Partnership

What Makes a Successful Public-Private Partnership

The most successful public-private partnerships have incorporated essential strategies and tools to ensure a strong...


Strategies for Applying Agile for Enterprise Systems Modernization

Many know what Agile is, but few are familiar with applying Agile for Enterprise Systems Modernization -- including in...


Systems Modernization in the Insurance Industry

Just as technology is changing the social landscape, it is also changing the makeup of the insurance and financial...


6 Signs Your Contractor Doesn’t Actually Know the Agile Model

When choosing a contractors, watch out for these 6 signs to make sure that they know Agile as well as they claim.

Public-Private Partnership

The Road to Success: Case Studies of PPPs Abroad

Both PPPs abroad and within the United States have proven to be successful when the public and private sectors come to...


5 Metrics for Measuring Success of Systems Modernization

As businesses modernize, new metrics and standards are required to replace traditional measurements and expectations....


When You Should – and Shouldn’t – Use Agile

A brief list of project characteristics that may help you decide when and when not to use Agile

Enterprise Delivery

The History of the DoD as a Business Enterprise

The Department of Defense is more than a government entity. Many people view it as a business enterprise, but is that...

Public-Private Partnership

Why the Public and Private Sectors Should Partner-Up

By partnering with a private company to execute a long-term contract, government agencies can focus on their goal of...

Public-Private Partnership

3 Components that Make PPPs a Viable Solution

Public-Private Partnerships should be considered viable solutions for building and maintaining government...

Public-Private Partnership

Common Misconceptions of Public-Private Partnerships

Collaboration between the private and public sector promotes best industry practices and relevant expertise. However,...


What is Agile Development?

This blog post outlines the five steps of the Agile Development Process.


4 Myths About Systems Modernization

Change can be scary, but not changing can be disastrous.

Data Privacy

The Uncertainty of Requirements from New Privacy Regulations

Incorporating external privacy regulations like CCPA requirements into an existing organizational structure is...

Data Privacy

Data Privacy or Data Protection?

Many consider data privacy and data protection synonymous, but it’s important for organizations and individuals to...


How Talent Reviews Strengthen Your Organization

Talent reviews are a tool that organizations can use to understand their workforce beyond standard performance review...

Data Privacy

3 Records Management Tips to Increase Your Data Privacy

Data privacy regulations like GDPR are designed to protect personally identifiable information, but unless you know...

Data Privacy

Complying with GDPR is Not Just a Project...

GDPR compliance is an opportunity to approach data privacy in a new way, especially as ongoing compliance will require...


How Innovation Can Aid in Developing and Retaining Talent

Innovation programs can help a company identify, develop, and retain talent. By providing a structure outside of the...


The Strategic Value of a Culture of Innovation

Establishing innovation as part of the culture is essential for sustaining value for the organization and needs to be...


Why is Innovation So Hard?

Innovation offers the potential for organizations to continually adapt, delivering competitive separation, improved...


5 Steps to Dynamically Manage the General Data Protection Regulation

Follow these 5 steps to dynamically manage the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for your organization.

Team RG

Introducing the Team RG Blog

Introducing the Team RG blog which will offer insights and innovations and from different authors within the...

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