RG was instrumental in helping a leading insurance company prepare their move away from their mainframe PAS system. RG analyzed and documented approximately 250 processes, considerably more than the 60 that the incumbent consulting firm had estimated. RG also developed system context diagrams, captured business rules, and documented the thousands of requirements needed for the success of this enterprise-wide program. 


A leading insurance company was looking to modernize their policy administration system (PAS), their core platform for product definition and maintenance, policy administration including rating, quoting, binding, issuing, endorsements and renewals, enrollment, billing and claims administration. 

The legacy PAS was a mainframe implementation consisting of custom code written in outdated programming languages for which support had become increasingly costly and difficult to find.

The considerable challenges posed by the relatively inflexible PAS code and architecture conflicted with the ever-shorter timeframes required to keep up with changing customer expectations and a dynamic regulatory environment.

In addition, the complexity of the decades-old custom code presented a high risk of system failures and unanticipated impacts of changes to code, further increasing the cost and time for development and testing. Needing to reduce risk and needing to modernize their business, the insurance company sought a trusted partner and selected RG to help them succeed.


RG was instrumental in helping this insurance company pave a way to systems modernization. Before RG was approached by the leading insurance company, a different consulting firm had worked with them and had carried out a preliminary analysis of the effort required to modernize their Policy Administration System.

The insurance company gave RG access to that information and discovered that the incumbent consulting firm had significantly underestimated the effort required for systems modernization by at least a factor of two.

Despite this dramatic increase in required activities, RG was able to handle the much larger than anticipated workload without increasing the insurance company's original timeline by tailoring RG’s LINKProcessTM business analysis methodology to provide deliverables without sacrificing quality or completeness. RG performed a comprehensive, in-depth assessment that helped position the insurance company select the right commercial PAS vendor and prepare them to work with that vendor to successfully complete their business-critical PAS modernization initiative.




RG’s work enabled this leading insurance company be successful with their most critical change initiative in two decades, one that was considered make-or- break for their 60+ year old, $1.3B company.

If your company faces challenges like those confronted by this top-tier insurance company, as they realized they were facing risks that could endanger their continued success in the marketplace, contact RG to discuss how we can help you be successful.

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