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6 Signs Your Contractor Doesn’t Actually Know Agile

When choosing a contractors, watch out for these 6 signs to make sure that they know Agile as well as they claim.

Public-Private Partnership

The Road to Success: Case Studies of PPPs Abroad

Both PPPs abroad and within the United States have proven to be successful when the public and private sectors come to...


5 Metrics for Measuring Success of Systems Modernization

As businesses modernize, new metrics and standards are required to replace traditional measurements and expectations....


When You Should – and Shouldn’t – Use Agile

A brief list of project characteristics that may help you decide when and when not to use Agile

Enterprise Delivery

The History of the DoD as a Business Enterprise

The Department of Defense is more than a government entity. Many people view it as a business enterprise, but is that...

Public-Private Partnership

Why the Public and Private Sectors Should Partner-Up

By partnering with a private company to execute a long-term contract, government agencies can focus on their goal of...

Public-Private Partnership

3 Components that Make PPPs a Viable Solution

Public-Private Partnerships should be considered viable solutions for building and maintaining government...

Public-Private Partnership

Common Misconceptions of Public-Private Partnerships

Collaboration between the private and public sector promotes best industry practices and relevant expertise. However,...


What is Agile Development?

This blog post outlines the five steps of the Agile Development Process.


4 Myths About Systems Modernization

Change can be scary, but not changing can be disastrous.

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