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The Agile Process Can Produce Awful Software  - but Doesn't Have To

Done well, Agile is a proven approach to delivering quality software. However, badly run Agile projects can easily...


Risk Factors Facing the Management Structure in the DoD

The DoD’s strict, hierarchical management structure seems effective, well-organized, and acceptable for bearing its...

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Acorn Growth Companies Acquires Robbins-Gioia

Acorn Growth Companies, a private equity firm investing exclusively in aerospace, defense and intelligence, announced...


There's a Place for the Cloud in the Insurance Industry

In a highly regulated and competitive environment, insurance companies are increasingly trusting the cloud more as it...

Public-Private Partnership

What Makes a Successful Public-Private Partnership

The most successful public-private partnerships have incorporated essential strategies and tools to ensure a strong...


Strategies for Applying Agile for Enterprise Systems Modernization

Many know what Agile is, but few are familiar with applying Agile for Enterprise Systems Modernization -- including in...


Systems Modernization in the Insurance Industry

Just as technology is changing the social landscape, it is also changing the makeup of the insurance and financial...


6 Signs Your Contractor Doesn’t Actually Know the Agile Model

When choosing a contractors, watch out for these 6 signs to make sure that they know Agile as well as they claim.

Public-Private Partnership

The Road to Success: Case Studies of PPPs Abroad

Both PPPs abroad and within the United States have proven to be successful when the public and private sectors come to...


5 Metrics for Measuring Success of Systems Modernization

As businesses modernize, new metrics and standards are required to replace traditional measurements and expectations....

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