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Business Analysis and Enterprise Architecture

Achieving an organization’s strategic program goals requires a detailed understanding of business needs and drivers, and the underlying enterprise technology environment.
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Combining business analysis and architecture principles provides an integrated view of the people, process, technology, and organizational elements which are managed through the lifecycle to improve enterprise delivery and realize benefits. Documenting business processes and systems provides a roadmap and architecture to develop a better understanding of the current environment and describes what is to be delivered.
To ensure the outcomes are achieved, a disciplined approach is required for introducing and managing change to the organization, including defining requirements and recommending solutions that deliver value to stakeholders.
Our Enterprise Architecture approach delivers a solution architecture and technology strategy aligned with our customer’s program goals. By using proven best practices for project team and stakeholder engagement, our technical experts are involved throughout the project lifecycle to define, assess, and advise proposed solutions.
RG’s engineering and architectural areas of expertise include FEAF, TOGAF, DoDAF, and UML. Our development experience includes Agile, SAFe, Iterative, and Waterfall. The architecture support improves the likelihood of successful delivery and establishes consistency and visibility into the definition, design, and delivery of the solution.
Our architecture-based Business Analysis (BA) approach standardizes and streamlines business processes and promotes the development of effective integrated solutions. RG deploys professionals, many certified by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®), to execute our LINKProcess™ requirements management and business analysis methodology to deliver quality services. 
  • Establishing a program roadmap by using our unique LINKProcess™ requirements management methodology which applies industry best practices and best-in-class tools and techniques
  • Creating and configuring an architecture-based requirements repository for business, architectural, and systems requirements and documentation
  • Recommending Sparx Enterprise Architect as a tool  for integrating business analysis and architecture management practices into a single methodology
  • Eliciting requirements and facilitating stakeholder and business community meetings
  • Helping customers manage existing requirements by delivering easy to understand visual models
  • Providing access to our team of expert and IIBA® certified Business Analysts
  • LINKProcess™ adapts to waterfall, Agile, or hybrid delivery approaches
  • Traceable and reusable requirements that are easily validated and verified
  • Visual models allow more efficient communication with stakeholders, and faster verification and validation of requirements
  • Project cost and time is saved using a centralized repository with built-in efficiencies, including storage of metadata and artifacts
  • Support of an award-winning IIBA® Corporate Program Partner

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Business Analysis and Enterprise Architecture are integral to effective delivery. 

Let us understand your business goals and help create a solution that delivers expected outcomes.