Disaster Recovery

    Disaster Recovery Support

    When disaster strikes, we understand that getting back to status quo is a massive effort and rebuilding can take years.

    We connect with those affected and assess damage right away.  We work with government and industry to develop recovery and restoration plans. As recovery begins, we adapt to changes and execute the plans in coordination with federal, state, and local governments, and industry.

    How We Can Help


    The RGServices Approach:
    • Monitor events, participate in NDEOC, and coordinate with other recovery providers
    • Identify the need, network and formulate partnerships with federal, state, and local governments, and industry
    • Establish Program Management Offices for housing, telecom & IT, and basic infrastructure providing oversight, management, compliance, and financial governance
    • Deploy experienced, key personnel from RGServices, RG, and our trusted partners
    • Manage focused recovery efforts supporting small to mid-size businesses and agency locations.

    RGServices Assets

    • Understanding of the Disaster Recovery environment
    • Technical, mobile workforce
    • Complex Program Management experience
    • Compliance and governance expertise
    • Relationships with government and industry
    • Recruiting skills for large, episodic workforces

    Our Qualifications

    We bring corporate and personal experience to provide comprehensive support to disaster recovery efforts.
    • Rapid response/technical assistance
    • Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy recovery experience
    • Large project/program management
    • Planning, logistics, and operations
    • Federal contracting expertise


    Available under Texas General Land Office Contract X0013721-SK