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JFAST™ Enterprise Planning & Scheduling Software

The Jaguar® Family of Advanced Scheduling Tools (JFAST™) is Robbins-Gioia's premier suite of software tools for planning, analysis, and management of complex, mission-critical activities for defense, civilian, and commercial customers. 


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Over 30 years, we have developed our software based on our experience supporting customers with large, complex manufacturing and MRO schedules such as large US automobile manufactures, the US Air Force, the US Navy and the US Army.

The core JFAST™ engine is the only proven system able to process complex schedules allowing optimized operational performance reducing planning and scheduling time while improving resource utilization.

JFAST™ enables customers to optimize operational performance with the most capable intelligent planning and management platform for complex, mission-critical applications by: 

  • Optimizing plans with sophisticated algorithms and predictive analysis, 
  • Enhancing insight with real-time data mining and visualization, and
  • Increasing productivity with easy-to-use interfaces and process automation.

RG’s JFAST™ software, currently in use with the USN and USAF, provides unparalleled capability and flexibility for managing complex process and scheduling operations with millions of tasks and constraints. JFAST™ provides a single view of all activities, providing a comprehensive view of total operations, and the flexibility to rapidly recalculate schedules to factor in time, resource, and facility changes.

Introducing Lynx

Lynx™ is the next generation of RG’s commercial software for high-performance enterprise program planning and control which delivers enhanced out-of-the-box interfaces on a web services architecture to accelerate implementation and provide greater scalability for the enterprise. 

Lynx™ provides a modern, scalable web services architecture built on an Oracle 19c database, with enhanced usability and analytics including an interactive sequence editor, PERT and Gantt charting, and readily configurable reports and dashboard able to be personalized for individual users or roles. 


Configurable Analytics and Dashboards


Powerful Scheduling with Pre-Configured User Interfaces


Improved Integration with Business Systems


Extensible & Configurable Architecture


Mobile First


Cloud Enabled


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