JFAST ™ Software

Jaguar® Family of Advanced Scheduling Tools (JFAST™)  

JFAST™ is Robbins-Gioia's premier suite of software tools for planning, analysis, and management of complex, mission-critical activities for defense, civilian, and commercial customers. 


Developed over 30 years in collaboration with the US Air Force and Navy, JFAST™ provides the most capable and trusted solution for maintenance, repair, and overhaul for complex systems, ranging from strategic transport aircraft and nuclear submarines to missiles and launch equipment.

JFAST™'s best in class capabilities enhance our customers' operational performance, reducing planning time by 10% or more, speeding up project initiation, and optimizing resource utilization by efficient processing of changes, delivering an improved ROI over traditional approaches. 

Core Capabilities

  • Complex Critical Path & Critical Chain Scheduling
  • High Speed Computation on scalable Server or Cloud Architecture
  • Advanced Resource and Constraint Management
  • Customizable Charting & Reporting 

The trusted solution for Enterprise Program Planning & Control


The power of JFAST™ is in its unique ability to handle extremely large, complex schedules with up to 50,000,000 elements and recalculate changes in seconds. JFAST™ is the only proven system able to process schedules of this complexity. 

Every product in the JFAST™ product line suite is built upon this framework with different products for different projects.

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