Delivering innovation in enterprise program management

Since 1983, RG has been at the forefront of innovation in program planning and control. From our origins providing program management expertise and tools to the US Air Force to assisting customers with their most critical enterprise program planning and scheduling needs, RG has provided insight, innovation, and dedication to excellence in the solutions we deliver.


RG pioneers the concept of the project management and planning software. RG begins to develop software tools and methodologies as part of a systematic approach to the management and control of large, complex, high-risk programs for the US Army, Navy, Air Force and commercial customers. 


RG begins program management support for the US Air Force. RG begins a Program Management Support System (PMSS) prototype for the Air Force Logistics Command’s (AFLC) $1.7 billion modernization program. Based in part on RG’s work, AFLC wins several government excellence awards.


RG begins to develop software for program planning, scheduling, and control. RG launches "Alpha" and "BETA", the first and second release of the Control & Analysis Tool (CAT®) software. RG partners with EDS to jointly implement the first of many large and successful contracts using the software, including VIABLE and ASIMS.


BETA is renamed CAT®.  RG releases CAT® as a commercial product and establishes a technical support department to assist customers with CAT® implementation and ongoing support. 


US Air Force adopts CAT® as part of the Program Management Scheduling System (PMSS). Air Logistics Centers (ALCs) at McClellan & Tinker Air Force Bases begin implementing PMSS based on CAT®.  PMSS is extended beyond the programs that develop information management systems to the integration of modifications for a major weapons system, the F/FB/EF-111 series of aircraft. 


RG implements management information systems for the Air Force. PMSS is implemented within the aircraft maintenance organization of the Sacramento ALC, as well as at the Air Force Military Personnel Center to support the development of management information systems. PMSS is also applied to the planning and scheduling of modifications for the C-130 aircraft at Warner Robins Air Logistics Center.


RG supports the DLA's enterprise modernization program.  RG implements a program-wide enterprise management information system to plan and control the largest automated data processing modernization program in the history of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Logistics Systems Management Program.


RG introduces PMSS in support of the B-52 maintenance program. PMSS is introduced as a scheduling tool at the San Antonio ALC in support of the B-52 maintenance program. This implementation became the basis for the 1992 initiation of the PMSS throughout DOD depots. The program resource and management application (PRMA) becomes the first CAT® application to be awarded an Air Force data systems designator (DSD K033). 


RG assists in the program management of the development of information systems used in the support of the U.S. armed forces in Desert Storm. The U.S. armed forces in Desert Shield/Desert Storm deployed 150,000 troops and more than 1 billion pounds of equipment in less than six weeks. PMSS is implemented in support of the Special Operations Forces System Program Office at Warner Robins ALC in Georgia. PMSS support of the Air Force Recruiting Service is initiated at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas.


RG implements maintenance and repair scheduling system for the US Navy using CAT® at the four Navy public shipyards.  As part of the Advanced Industrial Management (AIM) system, the Project Sequencing and Scheduling (PSS) application provides planning, scheduling and tracking of maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) activities for the Navy's capital ships. RG works with the Navy to enhance development within the CAT® system, enabling them to be self-sustaining and apply customization to best fit the needs of each shipyard to achieve scheduling and productivity goals.  


RG expands into new sectors and customers. CAT® Compass, a CAT® planning and scheduling application, is released. RG uses CAT® across a growing portfolio of customers including General Motors, Unisys, and the UK Royal Air Force (RAF).


RG wins second competitive AFLC PMSS Contract. An enhanced PMSS prototype is implemented at Air Force Material Command (AFMC) and seven PMSS expansions and implementations are achieved.


RG expands North American presence. RG extends its presence in North America by teaming with SHL Systemhouse to implement program management systems and focus across its large project base in Canada.


RG launches CAT II®. Enhancements include improved algorithms for optimizing and analyzing complex schedules, including self-healing networks and sophisticated calendar and sequence management.


RG works with EDS on data center implementation. EDS selects RG as a partner to help improve the implementation of data centers for the Federal Government. RG provides a dedicated team who uses CAT II® to implement an automated program management capability including the construction of a purchase order and delivery tracking management system with a help desk function. Tools within created catalogs, receive orders, track sales volume and revenue, CAT II® creates help desk reports and implements predictive analysis across data centers to help the company better serve the Federal Government.  


RG provides maintenance support and development of scheduling systems with the US Army. RG provides services and software solutions for program support of Research & Development and execution support for sustained operations and Depot Maintenance support at each of the major Army Depots. The RG team uses CAT II® and data from business systems, including SDS and LMP, for planning, scheduling, and metric tracking to deliver an integrated view of the program, including schedule development & support, monitoring of project finances, coordination of project events and mentoring of Army staff on Project Management methodologies. 


RG launches Jaguar®, the latest version of the CAT II® engine with an updated architecture including Oracle. The Jaguar® architecture incorporates the proven high-performance CAT II® scheduling engine into a web-based architecture with an Oracle RDBMS replacing the original file system. A new API supporting standard web development tools supersedes the proprietary 4GL language, enabling easier development and deployment of user interfaces and integration with enterprise business systems. 


RG continues to expand its customer base for program management solutions and services. In addition to the US Department of Justice, Department of Labor and Bureau of Land Management, customers include the Royal Saudi Air Force, New Zealand Telecom, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, and Johnson & Johnson.


Full redesign of  Programmed Depot Maintenance Scheduling System (PDMSS/G097) on Jaguar®The PDMSS/G097 application is completely redesigned to take advantage of the Jaguar® architecture, resulting in major enhancements to usability and integration with Air Force business systems. The new PDMSS/G097 application provides unparalleled flexibility and configurability as the system of record for the Air Force ALCs and maintenance wings.


RG releases CAT II® for LINUX. RG releases the latest version of its proprietary program management software suite ported to work with LINUX. With CAT II® for LINUX, users can access all of the applications, solutions, and capabilities of this project management-enabling software solution directly from their laptop computers. 


RG prototypes advanced features for Automatic Resource Scheduling (ARS). The ARS concepts demonstrate the expansion of Jaguar® features and capabilities to include the application of resource constraints, including facilities, tools, skills, and staff into the analysis and optimization of complex schedules.  This enables customers to perform more sophisticated and granular planning and scheduling, including automated optimization and allocation of resources.


Development of ARS begins, with extensive input from the US Air Force. The Air Force engages RG to implement ARS as part of the PDMSS system to enable greater visibility and granularity in planning and scheduling MRO operations and achieve improvements in efficiency and productivity across the three Air Logistics Complexes (ALCs). 


ARS released as an enhancement to PDMSS/G097.  After two years of collaborative design and development with the Air Force, the ARS toolset is made available to users across the ALCs as part of an update to PDMSS/G097.


RG acquires CCPM+.RG acquires the intellectual property (IP) for Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM+) software, including the algorithms and interfaces for applying Theory of Constraints and other critical chain concepts to project planning and scheduling. 


RG introduces JCAT2020™. RG announces the release of the next generation of the Jaguar® Family of Automated Scheduling Tools (JFAST™) Software- JCAT2020™, marking the end of life of CAT II®.


Development of Lynx™ begins.  RG begins work on Lynx™ as the next generation of commercial software for enterprise program planning and control, based on implementing the proven Jaguar® engine in a modern web services architecture. 


RG begins rehosting PDMSS/G097 from Sybase EAServer onto JBOSS. To address a critical need for the Air Force to rehost the PDMSS system due to the impending end-of-life of Sybase EAServerRG undertakes an 18-month Agile development program to transition all 1,400 pages and reports onto JBOSS to ensure continuity in use of the system across the ALCs and avoid a potential break in service. 


RG successfully recompetes for the Air Force Programmed Depot Maintenance Scheduling System (PDMSS) support contractRG is awarded continuing sustainment of the PDMSS system, including the ability to apply Agile development to provide continuous enhancement for modernization of the system. 


RG assists the Navy upgrade their system to JCAT2020™. The Navy Project Sequencing and Scheduling (PSS) system is updated to use JCAT2020™. PSS continues to be used to schedule, track, and monitor productivity and inform leadership on the progress of key events across the four public shipyards to ensure MRO operations stay on schedule and ships return to duty on time. 


RG launches Lynx™. After significant development and customer feedback, RG releases the latest version of the proven JFAST™ scheduling engine in a modern web services architecture. Lynx™ includes both critical chain and critical path algorithms as well as powerful interactive querying, charting, and reporting and improved support for business systems integration and access to information on mobile devices. 

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