Our mission is to provide high performance software which scales with the needs of your organization. 

The JFAST™ Lynx™ software is designed to streamline program planning, scheduling, and control across the enterprise, ensuring users are able to make well-informed decisions based on accurate information and easily update status and details of tasks and activities. Our licensing approach reflects this desire to remove barriers to collaboration and productivity by providing two simple models to enable access to Lynx™ across your organization.

RG offers two licensing and pricing options for the Lynx™ software:

  • commercial subscription based on our standard terms and conditions aimed to provide single-site and smaller industrial organizations with the flexibility to adopt and scale Lynx™ to meet their program planning and scheduling needs.

  • An annual enterprise subscription tailored to provide a frictionless and cost-effective way for large, geographically distributed industrial organizations to implement Lynx™ across multiple facilities.

Key Features of Lynx™ Standard Commercial Subscription

Lynx™ Standard Commercial Subscription provides flexibility, scalability, and value to suit any size of organization, from a project PMO to a major manufacturer or maintenance organization.
  • Pricing is based on a monthly fee for each credentialed staff unit (CSU) in the organization or facility where Lynx™ is deployed.
  • Pricing tiers provide increased value as greater numbers of users are granted access to the system. 

   Lynx™ Standard Commercial Pricing

CSU Monthly Per User Annual per user
1 to 249 $ 106 $ 1,272
250 to 499 $ 81 $ 972
500 to 999 $ 62 $ 744
1,000 to 2,499 $ 48 $ 576
2,500 to 4,999 $ 38 $ 456
5,000 to 9,999 $ 31 $ 372
10,000+ $ 25 $ 300


  • Deployment can either be on-premises or Cloud. Initial installation and configuration costs are determined based on a customer’s specific needs and operating environment.
  • Use of Lynx™ and compliance with the terms of the subscription are subject to an annual audit of concurrent users and deployed instances and if necessary incur a “true-up” based on actual usage.
  • Master Services Agreement can be included which covers ongoing deployment, configuration, and adoption support.

Key Features of Lynx™ Annual Enterprise Subscription

The Annual Enterprise Subscription enables frictionless distribution of software features across the enterprise to maximize an organization's ability to exploit the full value of Lynx™ across their operations.
  • Subscription commercial enterprise pricing is based on the scale and complexity of an organization benefitting from Lynx™ features and varies based on the number of Industrial Centers where the software will be used.

Lynx™ Enterprise Tiers

Industrial Center CSU
Small 1+
Intermediate 500+
Large 1,500+
Major 5,000+


  • Licensing and pricing are tailored to meet the operational demands of an Enterprise customer with a Master Subscription Agreement covering current and future software versions.Pricing is based on simplified tiers of the total number of credentialed staff units (CSU) at each customer industrial center, determined through negotiation.
  • This allows each customer to deploy and scale Lynx™ at their own pace across their operations and creates a virtuous cycle as site-specific requirements can be implemented at each industrial center.
  • Software product improvements and maintenance releases are provided as part of this agreement. 

Commercial subscriptions can be converted to Annual Enterprise Subscriptions. Contact us for details.

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Frictionless Licensing for your Organization. Effective program planning and control requires up-to-date information on the status of activities across the organization, and the efficient collection and distribution of schedule, activity, and task information at the point of work. To make it easy to manage and scale Lynx™ to your operations, our licensing models are based on credentialed staff and industrial centers.

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Credentialed Staff. To encourage enterprises to make full use of Lynx™ across their organization, both licensing and pricing models are based on the total number of credentialed staff (including employees, contractors, consultants and other designated personnel) involved in industrial management and operations. This enables access to all Lynx™ capabilities, including dashboards, reports, statusing, planning, and scheduling tools across the organization, reducing data bottlenecks and streamlining capture and dissemination of accurate program information.

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Industrial Center. An Industrial Center is a logical geographically co-located grouping of resources, which includes credentialed staff, facilities, production lines, equipment, tooling & materials.​ This can include design offices, production lines, manufacturing sites, repair facilities, workshops, logisitics operations or other functional entities. The number of credentialed staff is a proxy measure for the size of an industrial center.