Download the Radical Transformation Whitepaper

Radical Transformation offers the DoD a lower risk, more transparent approach to successful modernization than traditional delivery processes.

 This whitepaper covers why radical transformation is needed, including:

  • Why conventional approaches to defining, procuring, and delivering business systems for the Department of Defense (DoD) have failed to consistently deliver the anticipated gains and benefits to business operations.
  • How to achieve reduced costs, greater efficiency, and improved responsiveness and effectiveness of Government enterprise business systems in and across mission areas. 
  • Why a change in mindset from a traditional methodology to apply Agile practices can shorten the design, prototyping, and implementation of enterprise business systems capabilities for Defense agencies.


To learn more about what types of radical transformation needs to be applied to create sustainable business change for the DoD, fill out the form to the right to download a copy. 







Download the Radical Transformation Whitepaper

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