ALEXANDRIA, VA, July 27, 2017 – RG’s Automatic Resource Scheduling (ARS) functionality within the Programmed Depot Maintenance Scheduling System (PDMSS) was successfully launched earlier this month at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Utilization of the ARS functionality is expected to increase efficiency for aircraft depot maintenance to improve production throughput.

ARS was designed to provide the USAF Air Logistics Complexes (ALCs) with a detailed resource scheduling capability that minimizes day-to-day user input, leverages existing data, and integrates with existing ALC standard scheduling and forecasting information.

“We are proud of our team’s role in the successful launch of ARS. Their commitment to the mission of assuring aircraft readiness inspires us all”, said Andrew Robinson, RG President.

The development of ARS addresses the need to enable the resource scheduling utility within PDMSS. This system modernization effort provides many new functions while eliminating the need for complex system integration and data migration. According to Jeff Philippart, RG’s Director for the Air Force, “ARS is the next evolution in programmed depot maintenance production. It will provide higher fidelity scheduling and incredible forecasting capabilities. The ultimate outcome is greater productivity and increased availability of mission-ready aircraft.” With features like automatic resource loading and scheduling, the ALCs can identify critical resource limitations, like labor over-and under-utilizations, which will improve the efficiency of depot maintenance operations and bolster military readiness.

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