Intelligence-Based Cybersecurity

    Intelligence-Based Cybersecurity
    Developing all-inclusive cyber risk management strategies and building an active defense

    We’re keenly focused on mitigating risk in clients’ cybersecurity programs. RG brings a thorough understanding of vulnerability and a deep knowledge of the policies, practices, and investments clients need to strengthen their enterprise security architecture compliance.

    We start by performing a total assessment of clients’ cybersecurity programs and risk postures. Using those findings, we identify and prioritize shortcomings in skills, processes, and technologies. Then, we help define the capabilities, policies, and practices needed to improve cybersecurity infrastructures and programs. We also provide documentation of all critical elements required to strengthen clients’ security processes, improve their technical security architectures, and make their overall programs more effective.

    RG has a decades-long understanding of cybersecurity issues and environments. We’ve used innovative approaches at all levels of the cybersecurity infrastructure to help public- and private-sector clients achieve a more active defense.