Program Planning & Control

Mission-critical programs require expert planning, sophisticated analysis, and detailed scheduling of complex work to maximize efficiency, quality, and cost savings. These program environments have different strategic goals and priorities, requiring the ability to rapidly process millions of tasks and constraints to enable timely, well-informed operational decisions. To address the need for software able to manage this level of complexity, we developed the Jaguar® Family of Advanced Scheduling Tools (JFAST™) to support the extensive and differing needs of such programs, including supporting the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force maintain warfighter readiness.

JFAST™ is our premier suite of software tools for planning, analysis, and management of complex, mission-critical programs. Developed over 30 years in collaboration with the U.S. Air Force and Navy, it provides the most capable and trusted solution for maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) of fleets of ships and aircraft.

JFAST™ enables customers to optimize operational performance with the most capable planning, management, and decision-making software platform. RG provides business analysis, enterprise architecture, software integration, and sustainment services to enable customers to take full advantage of the flexibility and power of the JFAST™ software.

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