Systems Modernization

Modernization encompasses technological, operational, and cultural change to deliver improved services, meet competitive threats, or increase financial performance.

This can include implementation of enterprise-wide solutions, rationalization of the systems portfolio, and targeted improvement of applications as part of sustainment. Too often enterprise-wide transformations are time-consuming, highly risky, and expensive “big bang” projects which seek to deliver a single, large, multi-year program of work with a broad range of outcomes.

The RG perspective reduces risk and accelerates improvement by favoring a Continuous Modernization approach, a program of related projects designed to deliver incremental organizational benefits, while pursuing a compelling set of overarching strategic outcomes. 

Case Study - MIT

Our approach to continuous modernization enables an organization to maintain control of its transformation initiatives while iteratively delivering benefits and change. We combine the governance and programmatic approach of a long-term program with an agile delivery model which prioritizes and delivers results on an ongoing basis.

Strategic and operational outcomes are achieved by developing a comprehensive roadmap based on unbiased analysis and assessment of risks to be delivered. Current and future needs are met through this process while minimizing risk and enabling our clients to realize the benefits that technology can deliver today and in the future.

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